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Give yourself more time to concentrate on growing your business, by handing us the daily calls that bog you down — freeing you up to do what you do best; mind your business.

Call Center

We do day-to-day for down-the-road.

From basic customer service to personal assistants, to overseeing fundraising campaigns, the Ptex Office & Call Center provides the technology, processes, and people to manage and facilitate your growth.

  • Growing Business

    Big Business

  • Free up your time

    Unshackle yourself from the time-consuming customer service issues that chew up hours of your day and eat into your productivity.

    Say cheerio to the micro

    Save yourself time, money, and headaches by outsourcing lower level customer service to a our dedicated team.

  • Available means scalable

    With great growth comes great responsibility. You focus on bigger and better business, while we handle the increase in demand.

    No more campaign chaos

    Got a seasonal campaign coming up? Running a fundraiser? Don't bother finding, hiring and training staff. We'll step in and help you manage the heavier load.

  • Every impression matters

    Teaming up with our Call Center gives your customers access to important information at all times, providing a more polished, professional company look.

    You've got mail. We're on it.

    Look at the big picture, not your inbox. With our watchful eyes monitoring all incoming emails, you can set your sights farther and wider.

Stay in control of your growing business

  • Live Answering Services

    • Field Incoming Calls
    • Call Routing
    • Inbound Support
    • Message Handling
  • Customer Relations Services

    • Sales & Order Processing
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Product Support
    • Shipping & Returns support
  • Personal Assistant / Secretary

    • Email Monitoring
    • Billing & Data Entry
    • Scheduling Confirmations
    • Calls Follow-up
  • Campaign Management

    • Promotional Campaigns
    • Seasonal Campaigns
    • Nonprofit Campaigns
    • Charidy™ Campaigns

Most people who reach a voicemail will hang up and call the competition

Don't leave money on the table. Have your customers taken care of and happy.

Choose a call center plan

Our about us is really all about you.

  • Grow without the pains

    Eliminate tedious office expenses and the hassles of hiring and firing staff.

  • Happy customers every time

    Satisfied customers = Better bottom line, every single time.

  • Reliable and trusted

    On call every calendar work day, we’ve got your back while you’re out wheeling and dealing.

  • We talk the talk

    Our trained, bilingual American staff are friendly and efficient, comfortable switching between English and Yiddish, and provide real service for real people in ways an overseas outfit simply cannot.

  • High volume capabilities

    With the ability to process large quantities of orders and calls on any given day, we ensure you get the sale, and your customers get their answers.

  • Integrated systems

    We integrate with your system/backend/software management to keep you queued up and in control.

Industries Served

We’re constantly learning new processes and best practices from every industry we serve. We draw on these experiences to deliver maximum effectiveness and return on your outsourcing investment. Explore some of the industries we serve below.

  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Products/Games
  • Non Profit
  • Amazon Sellers
  • Software
  • Service Industries
  • Grocery Stores
  • Apparel Companies
  • Beauty Services
  • Travel Agencies
  • Real Estate Management
  • Healthcare Agencies

Plans & Pricing

Start using the Ptex Office & Call Center to grow your business today

Whatever services you need, we have a plan for you. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’ll make it happen. No worries.

  • Essentials

    $397 /mo

    100 minutes

    • 1 Dedicated phone line
    • 1 Voicemail box
    • 3 Profiles
    • Basic company data
    • Message handling
  • Premium

    $897 /mo

    400 minutes

    • 1 Dedicated phone line
    • 2 Voicemail boxes
    • 6 Profiles
    • Advanced company data
    • Message handling
    • Staff training
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Order processing
  • Enterprise

    $1,997 /mo

    1200 minutes

    • 3 Dedicated phone line
    • 5 Voicemail boxes
    • 12 Profiles
    • Advanced company data
    • Message handling
    • Staff training
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Order processing
    • Dedicated secretary
    • Website maintenance
    • Inventory tracking

We'll contact you with details on this package and see how your business can grow

  • Smartstaff Call Center: step 1

    What industry are you in?

  • Smartstaff Call Center: step 2

    What do you need the most help with?

  • Smartstaff Call Center: step 3

    How can we best contact you?

Keep your clients happy, never miss a sale

By partnering with you, our Office & Call Center integrates your brand ethos into every interaction with your customers; closely aligning every operation with your company’s values. We don’t just provide a service—we build relationships.

Where our money is, there shall
you find our mouth.

We're so confident that you'll find great value in our service, if you're not satisfied within 30 days, we’ll give every dollar back. *Restrictions Apply.

Companies we work with

Privileged to work with

  • Case Study

    Shirt Company Finds Tailor-Made Services at Ptex Office + Call Center

    Read More

    Upon making the leap from private seller to national wholesaler, the shirt-makers at A.I. Stone
    quickly realized that the incessant ringing of the phones was more costly commotion than money-making music.

    Missed calls, unreturned messages, bungled orders - things were coming apart at the seams. With neither the time nor personnel to focus on both managing and growing the business, they reached out to the Ptex Group Call Center to serve as a remote extension of their office.

    Within a matter of days, we transitioned over their entire office, simultaneously setting up a complete end-to-end system for answering calls, order processing, along with a clear inventory system to make sure the orders could be filled quickly.

    The positive results were realized overnight. Missed calls were replaced by courteous live representatives. Orders were now handled and fulfilled with accuracy and precision. Seasonal volume orders, previously an overwhelming burden, were now processed seamlessly and with ease.

    With the ability to focus solely on expanding their business, the A. I. Stone brand has become synonymous with superior shirts, matched only by their professional customer service.

    “I started getting feedback from people on the street, telling me they called in and were amazed by the level of attention they were given. That’s when I really knew our company made the right move.”

    Avi Newhouse, A.I.Stone CEO
    What We Delivered
    Order Processing, Customer Service, Inventory Updates
    Ptex Services
    • Smartstaff Call Center
  • I have been using your call center service for several weeks now. It immediately had a positive impact on my bottom line. You turned my service from a one-man operation to a full team of professional representatives.

    Samuel Amsel

  • What a wonderful team. I have no words.
    Whatever I throw at them simply gets DONE!

    Sparks Events


Why we created the Ptex Call Center

How a dropped call elevated a company's brand image.

A struggling furniture company, in dire need of a brand image boost, came to us for a high-volume printing and design project, to equip them with the look and materials to reach new clients. After successfully completing the project, we couldn't wait to show the client his beautiful new brochures. Lacking his personal number, we eagerly dialed the customer service number printed on the brochure.

Twelve interminable rings later, the deafening din of rushing trains and noisy subway passengers greeted our eardrums, as the client's wife answered. After hollering "Hello?" , the line went dead. Far from the white glove treatment. Taken aback, we notified the client about the gaping flaw in his sales process. Patiently but emphatically, we explained that beautiful design and impressive appearance can only take you so far.

If, when a potential client or customer needs you, you're nowhere to be found, that's it - you've lost them for good. The client understood the gravity of the situation, but lamented the fact that he simply had no budget for a secretary. Not wanting him to suffer, we offered to be his eyes, ears, and mouth, to ensure that potential clients looking for answers would always leave with a great first impression.

And thus, the legend of the Ptex Office & Call Center was born.

Don't break the connection. One missed call can lose it all.

Set us a challenge

If you've got a specific operational challenge, we'd love to help you tackle it. Please get in touch with Leiby.

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