Goldbaum’s: Progressive, Free-Spirited, Genuine, Accessible, and…Gluten Free.

By , May 19, 2013

Established in 2007, in a personal quest for great-tasting, wholesome, gluten-free food, Goldbaum’s Natural Foods has seen some amazing success in these few short years. With their line of wheat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free foods picked up nationally by Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Kings, Stop & Shop, Winn-Dixie, and Price Chopper among other national and local retailers, the company has quickly been outgrowing the elementary branding which had been put in place when it first tested the market’s waters.

With a solid portfolio of well-received products behind it, and a plethora of exciting new products in its pipeline, rebranding the company to position it for market-leading success has been an intensely gratifying project. From the brand’s formative DNA to the visible components, at Ptex we’ve gone all-out to create a brand that will both connect to consumers, and stand out among a growing field of similar products sharing supermarket and health food market shelf-space.

First up in the newly rebranded company’s food lineup is their fantastic line of wheat-free, gluten-free baking mixes. Have a look at the results of our rebranding efforts and let us know which of the elements you relate to most!

Branding elements seen here:

  • Logo


  • Brand Mark


  • Brand Slogan


The slogan conveys the free spirit of the brand + the freedom from disease and symptoms associated with wheat and gluten + health & wellbeing, with Goldbaum’s products being free of harmful and allergenic ingredients such as GMOs, artificial additives, etc.

  • Nullum Gluten/Glue Free Seal


Did you know? Gluten is Latin for Glue. The prominently positioned seal is meant to bring the esoteric protein composite termed gluten, home to the health aware consumer who may not yet be aware of gluten’s insidious mechanism of action within the gut (or more specifically the small intestine) of gluten-sensitive individuals.

  • Prominent Gluten Free Statement
  • + “Free of” Product Highlights


These secondary “Free of” highlights vary according to the product’s contents.
Project Credits:
Creative Director: Elke Taussig
Art Director: Asher Lowy
Account Executive: Michael Fischbein

Elke Taussig

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