Owlee Audio: Designed to Give a Hoot

By , September 25, 2017

With a name like Owlee, it called for ‘Give a Hoot’ as its tagline. Because ain’t that the best option for a sound company who cares about being on the forward trend of creating beautiful sound for its consumers?

We got the products raw from the team at Owlee and developed the brand, packaging and sometimes informing the design of the product itself. The products hung around the office, where we got to wear them, play them, test them out, hold them in hand and on occasion casually adopt them (shhh, I think they’re still looking for the Raven).

The Aviary

How do you decide on a product name? Is it the features, sound quality, look and feel?

We worked together with the sound pros and product creators at Owlee. We experienced the full roundness of one of the disk-like wireless speakers. We saw how it upgraded the desk it stood on; it felt nice and at home in the modern interiors of our office. It felt like a piece of furniture, beautiful in its own right. It was dubbed the Aviary by Motty Landau, creative director.

Aviary Noun; a large cage or a house or enclosure in which birds are kept.

Easily mistaken for a piece of art, this brilliant piece of wireless technology will rest beautifully on your desk, and fill your digs with crisp bass, controlled treble, and soft sonorous. Sit back, close your eyes and let your music take flight.


Soak up the sound. Hook this waterproof speaker around the showerhead to hook yourself up with a no-slip, yes-grip, audio-soaked musical experience. Belt out a wild solo. Stream live from a phone or tablet. Lather up in a rich symphony of thundering bass notes and soaring treble riffs. The performance of a lifetime awaits — and you’re the rockstar of the show. Clawsome, right?

Copy writer Avi Bree, had this to say: “My favorite name is Clawesome. Why? Because it’s awesome. G-d put the name in my head. We were talking about the speakers that are meant for the shower and how it has a claw-like handle that hooks around the shower head and I’m like, “It’s (cl)awesome!” It was one of those spur of the moment things where a sudden insight jumps into your head, with flashing bright light of inspiration.” That’s Avi for you. He has a direct line to the angel of creativity.


The Highfly™ All-Terrain Wireless Speaker was all about the function so we made sure to highlight all the features that would appeal to the adventurous target audience on the packaging and to create a window on the front that reveals the rugged and beatiful product.

Soar high. Swoop low. From the highest mountains to the lowest valleys, the HighFly is designed to endure the wear and tear of the adventurous. Listen to the high-fidelity, on-the-fly audio technology nested inside this little daredevil of a speaker. Knock out a few tunes while HighFly handles the getting knocked around. Equipped with a helpful flashlight, and thermometer, HighFly’s the perfect on-the-go sidekick for wherever your next quest takes you.


In conclusion? Give a hoot and get yo self some beautiful sound.
See the full case study on our site here.


Mushky Ginsburg

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