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3 Lessons To Learn From the USPS

By , December 17, 2015

In today’s hyper-competitive business world, a positive customer experience is a must.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of building company culture.

Showing your appreciation to each employee is critical. Countless studies show that positive employee engagement will impact a business’s success. Successful leaders can build a workplace culture that gives their company a competitive advantage.

So this past Chanukah, I decided to demonstrate my appreciation to the hardworking team at Ptex Group – but in a slightly different way than in previous years.

I quietly created a special Chanukah Goody Booklet for each employee that was mailed directly to their home. Inside the booklet were various gift options for our employees and their families to choose from.

To make all this happen, I had to take a little trip down to a place that most people dread: the post office.

We all know what a nightmare the post office can be. Long lines. Confusing signs. Gloomy decor. Apathetic workers. Even longer lines.

My experience this time was no different.

I waited for close to an hour on an endless line with dozens of other disgruntled patrons. There were no chairs for anyone to sit in while they waited. No paintings or pictures to liven up the otherwise gloomy atmosphere. No energizing music to cheer up the mood.

When it was finally my turn to mail out the booklets, there was no smiling employee to greet me. No “Can I help you?” or “How are you?” or What can I do for you today?”

Just a grumpy employee standing behind a thick glass window.

When I asked him how long it would take for the packages to arrive at their respective destinations, there was no reassuring, confident response. Just a curt answer:

“Probably within a week or so. Next person on line?”

While my ordeal at the post office was hardly a pleasure trip, it was definitely a learning experience. It reinforced the importance of providing a satisfactory customer experience.

In today’s hyper-competitive business world, a positive customer experience is often what makes a business stand out from its competitors. If a customer isn’t happy in one place, he or she will take his business to one of the many other options available. In fact, recent studies have shown that over 80% of consumers will spend more if it means they’ll have a better overall experience.

Every single customer experience matters. If a customer has a positive interaction with your business, he or she becomes a great revenue source. Not only will the customer offer repeat business, but will also refer others to you.

Here are a few Ptex Practical Pointers to follow to help ensure that you’re providing the ultimate customer experience:

Ditch The Entitlement: Never operate with an air of “well, you need us anyway.” Always prioritize the customer’s experience. Remember – even if you may be the only option now, there is always someone else coming to invade your space that others may flock to. And if he or she provides a better experience, say goodbye to your customers.

Constant Can-Do: Always have a “can-do” mentality. Your clients should be able to confidently turn to you to help solve whatever issues they have. Even if you can’t help, assure and reassure your clients that you’ll do everything you can to see to it that their problem is addressed and resolved.

The Presentation Matters: Everything about the way your business is presented to a client is important, including (or especially) the appearance. From the time they enter to the time they leave, your business must be a place that people want to frequent. An inviting waiting area. Clean hallways. Smiling, attentive employees. These are just a few suggestions.

Remember, it is up to the customers to determine the quality of their experience. Listen to them. Value their input and opinions. A quality customer experience requires constant listening and tinkering.

Unlike the post office, when it comes to providing an exemplary customer experience, never mail it in.

Onward and Upward,

Meny Hoffman

P.S. If you have any USPS horror stories of your own, I’d love to hear them. Just comment below.

Meny Hoffman

Meny Hoffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Ptex Group, an Inc. 500/5000-ranked marketing and business services firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

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  1. Meny
    Is it true you plan on starting a podcast? I would be very interested in hearing your ideas and some of the stories of successful businesses that were launched with your team’s input.