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An Exciting Announcement with Scott Kahn

By , July 25, 2022

Are you ready to listen to the amazing changes that are coming up in the show? Since its inception, the Let’s Talk Business podcast has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners thrive. We believe that information is key, but we also believe that it’s important to help business owners to start to take action. That’s why we’ve introduced a new format and a new producer to the show, and we look forward to continuing to provide practical advice and help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses.

Let’s welcome Rabbi Scott Kahn, formerly the dean of Yeshivat Yesodei HaTorah in Beit Shemesh, Israel, is the founder of Jewish Coffee House, a podcast network featuring podcasts that deal with issues in the Orthodox world. He is also the executive producer of JCH Productions, a podcast production company that partners with companies, organizations, and individuals who see podcasting as a critical vehicle to get their message to a wider audience. He is the host of several podcasts as well, including Orthodox Conundrum, Intimate Judaism, and the Baseball Rabbi. He lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with his wife Aliza and their seven children.

Listen and enjoy!

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An Exciting Announcement with Scott Kahn

[00:01 – 05:52] Opening Segment

• Meeting Scott Kahn and his role at the Let’s Talk Business Podcast

• An overview of what changes are coming to the show

• The reason why Meny decided to grow and improve the podcast

  • Keep providing quality advice to its listeners

[05:52 – 12:54] An Exciting Announcement!

• What the upcoming episodes will have

  • A better quality guests and questions
  • A segment where listeners can submit questions
  • Practical advice for business owners

• Why Let’s Business Podcast is different from other shows

• When you can expect new episodes

[12:55 – 16:18] Closing Segment

• Subscribe to the show and get notified when new episodes are published

Key Quotes:

“My personal mission in life is I believe every person should be given the opportunity to succeed in life.” Meny Hoffman

“Great relationships start with a great conversation.” – Meny Hoffman

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