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Are You Prepared for Success?

By , July 25, 2016

While there's no such thing as too much success, there is such a thing as not being ready to handle it. Are you prepared?

As a marketing agency, Ptex Group invests a lot of time and talent into creating and positioning brands, and building out detailed campaigns.

But here’s the thing: Sometimes, once a company has launched a successful marketing or re-branding campaign, they find themselves without sufficient manpower to handle the sudden influx of incoming phone calls, inquiries, and leads.

And surprisingly enough, the success itself ends up resulting in a catastrophic waste of time and money – potentially causing the newly formed brand image to become severely tainted.

Something to think about, isn’t it?

So there you have another nugget of wisdom from us at Ptex: Make sure you prepare for success!

When we launch a campaign expecting significant response, we’ll often tap into the power of our Call Center division at Ptex Group. It serves as a perfect solution, helping businesses instantly set up shop. With a full, live staff in-house ready to take calls—from a simple message to detailed sales and customer service calls—our Call Center eliminates the hassle of setting up a physical office and hiring employees, assuring all calls are being handled in a timely fashion and with quality service.

Whether it’s simple call handling, order processing, appointment scheduling or email monitoring, the Call Center at Ptex Group allows our clients to focus on running their business while we run their office.

This is especially important during the critical stage of a newly launched campaign. And the same applies any time you have a busy season. Or a special event.

Or just too much success.

Yes, it’s possible to be successful beyond your capacity!

When that happens, you want to make sure your business is ready. Hire the help you need, or prepare a backup resource to handle overflow.

Don’t wait for the new leads to try you out and turn away, disappointed.

Prepare for success.

So, tell us: What actions does your business take (or need to take) to prepare for success?


P.S. Looking for your own success? Give us a call to see how we can help your business thrive: 1-888-977-PTEX.

Or, if you need help handling the success you already have, contact our Call Center directly at 1-718-407-1700. We’ll help make it easy for you.

Leiby Beilus

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