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Avoiding Mental Energy Suckers: The Secrets of Super Productivity with Shea Myski

By , January 29, 2024

You’ve probably heard this one before: you’re an executive with employees who constantly need your time and attention, but you also have hours of work that you need to finish as soon as possible, and the emails keep coming in, and the phone calls never stop and… by the end of the day, you feel like you actually accomplished a fraction of what needed to get done. How can you escape the trap and start being super productive?

Productivity Coach Shea Myski has seen this over and over, and is ready to share some of his biggest secrets of real productivity while saving time and mental energy. Listen in as he and Meny talk about the “Mental Energy Suckers” of choice, noise, and change, including lots of tips about how small changes can lead to big results. So if you’re ready to increase your productivity, the place to start is by cleaning your desk (yes) and listening to this enlightening conversation.

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Avoiding Mental Energy Suckers: The Secrets of Super Productivity with Shea Myski


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 09:27] Understanding Mental Energy Suckers

  • Identifying three main mental energy suckers: choice, noise, and change
  • Strategies to minimize decision fatigue
  • The impact of physical and mental noise on productivity

[09:28 – 18:52] Customizing Productivity Techniques

  • The fallacy of one-size-fits-all productivity methods
  • Tailoring productivity approaches to individual work styles and preferences
  • The importance of maintaining a clear and focused mindset throughout the workday

[18:53 – 27:17] Effective Time Management

  • Balancing meeting schedules and workloads
  • Techniques for managing emails and other routine tasks efficiently
  • Utilizing breaks and downtime to rejuvenate mental energy

[27:18 – 36:41] Optimizing To-Do Lists

  • Creating realistic and achievable to-do lists
  • Distinguishing between must-dos and wish-list items
  • The psychological impact of an organized task list

[36:42 – 44:48] Creating a Productive Work Environment

  • The significance of a clutter-free workspace
  • Strategies for setting up an office layout conducive to productivity
  • Balancing open and closed working spaces


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Key Quotes:

“To me, a to do list is not about getting things done, but it’s about calming your brain down so it doesn’t have to create noise.” – Shea Myski

“If you could work all day with a quiet brain, then you’re going to be so much more productive.” – Shea Myski


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