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Avoiding the Burnout Zone with Dr. Ana Melikian

By , December 5, 2023

People talk about burnout all the time, but they rarely know what it actually means and how it differs from normal workplace stress. Fortunately, Ana Melikian, Ph.D. has studied burnout extensively, and is ready to tell you what it is, why it matters, how you can prevent it, and the ways to treat it once you have it. Listen to this fascinating episode of Let’s Talk Business as she and Meny go over the symptoms of burnout, specific methods you can use to avoid it, what the potential costs are if you ignore it, and much more. It’s not a typical episode… but it may radically change the way you run your business as well as your life.

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Avoiding the Burnout Zone with Dr. Ana Melikian

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 08:20] Understanding Burnout

  • Burnout is a multidimensional issue, involving exhaustion, cynicism, and a sense of inefficiency
  • It’s crucial to distinguish between stress and burnout for effective management
  • Early detection and intervention can prevent the progression to full burnout

[08:21 – 16:00] The Continuum of Engagement

  • Employees can range from fully engaged to overextended, disengaged, or burnt out
  • Recognizing where employees fall on this spectrum is key to addressing their needs
  • Leaders should strive to create conditions that foster full engagement

[16:01 – 24:25] Root Causes and Symptoms of Burnout

  • Burnout can stem from various causes, including workload, lack of control, and misalignment of values
  • Key symptoms include prolonged stress, decreased productivity, and changes in attitude
  • Addressing these root causes is as important as treating the symptoms

[24:26 – 34:18] Prevention Strategies

  • Regular assessments can help identify early signs of burnout
  • Creating a balance in workload and ensuring fairness can mitigate burnout risks
  • Encouraging open communication and periodic check-ins can maintain employee wellbeing

[34:19 – 42:06] Closing Segment

  • Recovery from burnout is possible with professional help and self-care strategies
  • Implementing the PI method (Pause, Increase self-awareness, Embrace experimentation) can aid recovery
  • Breathwork and mindfulness are effective tools for managing stress and preventing burnout


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Key Quotes:


“We can make a bigger impact if we avoid and we prevent burnout, if we take care of ourselves and the people that work for us.” – Ana Melikian


“Burnout is a symptom or something that we see in an individual level, the person gets burnout, but usually is the result of some dynamics that are in the background.” – Ana Melikian


“We need to create a profitable business while taking care of our workforce.”Ana Melikian



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About Ana Melikian

Ana Melikian, Ph.D., is a speaker, author, and host of the popular podcast, the MINDSET ZONE. Ana is also a Board Certified Coach and a proud member of the International Coach Federation and the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches. Before moving to the U.S., she obtained her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Sunderland, taught at Universities in Portugal and Spain, and co-authored several articles and book chapters.

Meny Hoffman

Meny Hoffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Ptex Group, an Inc. 500/5000-ranked marketing and business services firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

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