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Bootstrapping, Delegating and Leadership with David Pilchik

By , February 26, 2024

A business owner in this day and age should be someone who’s accessible to the team, empathetic to the employees’ struggles, and a catalyst to their personal and professional growth.

This week our guest is David Pilchick, the founder and owner of Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply. He drops by to talk about the most important qualities of a modern-day leader. He also discusses his journey to becoming a successful business owner, years after dropping out of high school.

In our interview, we discuss the leadership skills that are difficult to master, yet absolutely crucial, and how exactly anyone can attain them. Leadership in any industry can be an intimidating field, however, if we can tap into our unique selves, gain confidence, and overcome certain fears, anything is possible. Tune in now and learn how to be a modern-day business owner from David.

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Bootstrapping, Delegating and Leadership with David Pilchik

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 06:36] The Unlikely Beginning

  • The transformative power of leadership roles at a young age
  • Overcoming the stigma of being a high school dropout
  • The importance of customer relationships in founding a business

[06:37 – 12:44] Building a People-first Culture

  • Creating an environment where employees feel valued and motivated
  • The role of accessibility and presence in leadership
  • Empowering employees for growth and leadership roles

[12:45 – 18:27] The Art of Delegation and Scaling

  • Strategies for effective delegation and team empowerment
  • Balancing personal involvement with strategic oversight
  • The importance of building a self-sustaining business model

[18:28 – :2453] Competing in the Era of Amazon

  • Leveraging customer service and expertise as a competitive advantage
  • Adapting business strategies to outmaneuver logistical challenges
  • Predicting and responding to market demands more nimbly than larger competitors

[24:54 – 31:31] Vision for the Future

  • The importance of community and giving back
  • Setting goals beyond financial success
  • The ongoing journey of personal and professional development


Want to connect with David? Email david@blvs.com to get in touch with David or follow him on LinkedIn. Check out Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply to learn more about their services!


Key Quotes:


“If your employees feel appreciated and valued, they’re going to come into work with the right attitude, and then they’re going to give your customers the best experience that they can ever expect.” – David Pilchick

“As much as it is great to make money, you’ll also want to do something good for the community at the same time.” – David Pilchick


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About David Pilchick


  David Pilchick is the founder and owner of Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply, the leading wholesale distributor of low-voltage security equipment for installers with a full line of products from 400+ manufacturers. David takes great concern for the needs of his customers and believes that it’s crucial to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for employees and vendors.

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Meny Hoffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Ptex Group, an Inc. 500/5000-ranked marketing and business services firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

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