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Changing Your Perspective Changes Everything—with Charlie Harary

By , August 14, 2023

Often, we don’t realize that we are our greatest weapon for positive change and that changing our lives is all about perspective. Charlie Harary is a business executive, author, and prolific speaker known internationally for his charismatic, passionate, and sophisticated lectures, seminars, and keynote addresses. 


In this fascinating interview, he speaks about the mental obstacles that hold us back from achieving the joy, fulfillment, and success that we all crave and how, by rewiring our minds, we’re able to see the path that will lead us to the life we truly desire. He offers practical ways that business leaders can reframe their perspectives to achieve success, how to avoid the dangers of measuring ourselves against others, and the key to developing a company that is not just a service or a product but a people-first business. 


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Changing Your Perspective Changes Everything—with Charlie Harary


[00:01 – 07:56] Opening Segment

• Introducing Charlie Harary – a business executive, author, and public speaker known internationally

  • The importance of what stops a person from achieving success

• Charlie shares his advice on achieving success and happiness

• The key to delivering a message effectively is to put yourself in the audience’s perspective


[07:57 – 14:59] How to Unlocking Your Potential

• How to change your thoughts and bridge the gap between your current life and the life you want

• The journey that led Charlie to write the book “Unlocking Greatness”

• Changing thoughts to change brains

• Understanding how the brain works, how habits work, and how rituals work


[15:00 – 22:12] Understanding Your Mind, Finding Your Soul, and Achieving Happiness

• The eulogy exercise is one of the tools used to help readers understand what they are looking for in life

• Happiness is about feeling empowered and having a positive perspective on life

• Circumstances do not lead to empowerment

  • Having a great perspective can help you feel empowered no matter where you are


[22:13 – 29:51] Gratitude is the Key to Achieving Happiness and Empowerment

• Happiness is a perspective and not necessarily dependent on external factors

• Gratitude is the most important muscle that we have and helps to build a positive outlook

• Success should be measured against oneself, not against others

• Everyone has different life scenarios, so the comparison should be avoided


[29:52 – 37:15] Become Your Goals: The Science Behind Creating Good Habits

• You don’t need an award or the size of a house to feel successful

• Every time you have a thought, neurons fire in your brain and create connections

• Goals are directions, but you become the goal by embodying it and creating

  • Habits allow you to grow in a way that actually sticks


[37:16 – 44:08] Closing Segment

• As you repeat the behavior, it becomes neurologically embedded into your brain

  • Link behaviors to create good habits

• Charlie on the rapid-fire questions


Key Quotes:


“The first thing always is to remember, speak for your audience. Don’t speak for yourself.” – Charlie Harary


“The more you can limit the things that you expect in your life, the more grateful you’ll be for the things that you have.” – Charlie Harary


“You never reach your goals. You become your goals.” – Charlie Harary


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