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From Fixing Your Back to Fixing Your Business: The Odyssey of Dr. David Kaplowitz

By , December 5, 2022

Why would a chiropractor choose to leave his massively successful practice, and pivot into becoming a renowned marketing expert and coach? Dr. David Kaplowitz was one of Connecticut’s most successful chiropractors, building a practice that brought in over one hundred patients every day. Over time, he left the world of medicine and entered the world of business coaching. By using the lessons he learned during his medical career, alongside the many teachable moments he has experienced ever since. David has become a sought-out and wildly respected coach who works with companies and executives to develop leadership skills and maximize performance. Listen to David’s fascinating conversation with Meny to learn more about his story, the importance of active listening, how to resolve conflicts without undermining your entire business, why you should pay attention to the people who think you’re wrong and much more.

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From Fixing Your Back to Fixing Your Business: The Odyssey of Dr. David Kaplowitz

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:45] Opening Segment

• It’s important that leaders constantly look for personal growth, professional growth, and development

• Dr. David Klotz is a chiropractor who transitioned into becoming a renowned marketing expert and coach

  • Figure out what you do best and go ahead and focus on that

• How to move people from point A to point B

[07:46 – 23:18] How to Build a Great Company Culture

• Why companies need to focus on a great company culture

  • Maintaining and retaining people from leaving and having great productivity

• Building a culture of support is easy when leaders understand the right buttons to push

• How open-ended questions allow people to express themselves freely and candidly

  • When people feel they can express themselves, they’re more likely to come to you with suggestions and feedback

• Leaders know how to create teachable moments

[23:19 – 38:56] Resolving Conflicts Successfully

• The key to resolving conflicts successfully

  • Ask and state the problem, feel concerned, and be transparent
  • Take the personal part out of it and focus on the issue at hand

• Leaders should allow their teams to engage in conflict resolution in a way that feels safe and allows for constructive discussion

  • When conflicts are not resolved, they can lead to high turnover and low productivity

• Leaders should always seek input from their team to make informed decisions

[38:57 – 51:14] Closing Segment

• David on the rapid four questions

• Q & A: How do I balance getting the help I need with making the money I want?

Key Quotes:

“It’s all about being able to communicate in almost every situation and be able to listen properly.” – David Kaplowitz

“A company could have a spike in revenue, but if they don’t develop their leadership, the spike in revenue will be temporary.” – David Kaplowitz

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About David Kaplowitz

David Kaplowitz - President and Head Coach - Rock Spring Coaching | LinkedInDr. David Kaplowitz is the President and Head Coach of Rock Spring Coaching, a firm that works with companies and executives for leadership development and maximizing performance. David formerly built and ran a successful Chiropractic practice from the late ’70s through the early 2000s, and through innovative advertising and marketing strategies, he promoted his business to an astonishing pace of over one hundred patients a day. Years later, David used his healthcare, business, and life experiences, to move into a career in coaching. Today, David works with successful companies and individuals alike, helping them develop the skills, habits, and behaviors that lead to increased influence and maximized performance.



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