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Lessons from Aaron Cordovez’s $200M Brand on Succeeding in Amazon

By , July 10, 2023

In an arena swarming with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of competitors vying for the same product niche as you, what sets you apart? We don't want to aim for mere survival, it's about rising to the top. Join successful entrepreneur Aaron Cordova as he shares key insights on establishing a unique and profitable brand on Amazon, emphasizing the importance of product uniqueness, superior customer service, and strategic brand development for success in a competitive marketplace.

In an arena swarming with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of competitors vying for the same product niche as you, what sets you apart? We don’t want to aim for mere survival, it’s about rising to the top.

Join Meny and Aaron as they talk about strategies for taking your business to the next level, such as creating additional revenue streams, focusing on customer service, and understanding your customers’ needs. Find out why Aaron advocates for the necessity of continuous learning and adaptability in business alongside the strategic management of financial resources during expansion. He asserts that every interaction a customer has with a brand should be exceptional, emphasizing that strong branding is crucial for success in a saturated marketplace.

Aaron Cordovez, a top 100 seller on Amazon who has built a brand and is currently selling $75 million worth of products each year. During his journey to success, Aaron went from trying to get a regular job to creating his own product – the lemon squeezer – which became a number-one bestseller on Amazon.

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Lessons from Aaron Cordovez’s $200M Brand on Succeeding in Amazon

[00:01 – 15:20] How Aaron Found Success as an Entrepreneur Despite Challenges

  • Aaron Cordovez built a brand that has sold over $200 million worth of products on the internet.
  • To build a successful brand, one needs to think about what their product will have that no one else will have and how they can service the customer better than anyone else.
  • Being secretive about your brand or product doesn’t guarantee success or safety from competitors.
  • Brand strength is key to surviving in a saturated market. Build a product so unique and a service so superior that it can’t easily be replicated


[15:21 – 29:29] The Fundamentals of Running an Amazon Business

  • The importance of passing on what you have learned to others, particularly in the realm of business and entrepreneurship.
  • Visit https://www.aaroncordovez.com/invest for investment opportunities.
  • Make an impact on your customer by bringing something unique and valuable to the market.
  • Don’t just sell, build a brand; Shift your focus from solely aiming for top sales rankings on Amazon to creating a loyal customer base and building a brand.
  • The only constant in business is change. Businesses must continuously evolve and adapt their strategies to keep up with changes in the market.


[29:30 – 47:02] Creating Brand Confidence Through Interaction and Disruption Marketing

  • Building a brand means moving beyond individual product offerings to serving customers in a more holistic manner.
  • Before adding new products to the brand, it is essential to understand customer needs and ensure the products can deliver on these needs.
  • Brands need to specialize in specific areas to maintain their credibility and to ensure their products are of high quality.
  • Maintaining a top seller spot on Amazon requires continual innovation and adaptation.
  • Overly ambitious expansion can lead to significant financial difficulties. Cash flow planning is crucial to managing expansion and avoiding overextension.


[47:03 – 55:32] Closing Segment

  • Constant learning through reading, attending conferences, and networking is key in any business. However, implementing these learnings is equally important.
  • As your team grows, the need for well-established processes and systems becomes crucial.
  • Want to connect with Aaron? Visit his website and find him on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


Key Quotes:

“I need to bring money to the table. But how do you bring money to the table? It’s actually by bringing value to the marketplace where you’re going to be rewarded.” – Aaron Cordovez

“If you can’t release a product knowing that it’s gonna do a good job, then you can’t have much confidence in your brand, and your customer will lose confidence in the brand.” – Aaron Cordovez


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Aaron Cordovez is in the Top 100 Sellers on all of Amazon, selling $75 million a year. While working a 9-5 as a coder in 2015, he started Amazon as a side hustle to try and earn his family an extra $500-$1000 a month. In two years’ time, he was making over 6-figures a month from Amazon and today has sold over $200 million worth of products on the internet. He has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people across the world and is on a mission to empower people to a life of entrepreneurship and success.

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