The Dyker Beach Golf Course: Learning is Easier Amidst Luxury

By , June 10, 2013

The three most desirable qualities of a property are: “Location, Location, Location!”

Easy and convenient to get to, the classic landscape of the Dyker Beach Golf Course is wrapped within Brooklyn’s characteristic veneer, fueled by the entrepreneurial energy that pulsates through each blade of grass covering the pristine grounds. With views of the Verrazano Bridge and New York Bay, you can escape into the aura of the private resort, without distraction.

Originally built in 1890s, the Dyker Beach Golf Course offers a unique setting filled with historical depth. It is a golf course for championships and is recognized for producing notable golfers. With an infrastructure deeply rooted in success, the classic setting creates an atmosphere of prestige and excellence for LTB 2013.

The distinguished golf resort is a popular venue for weddings and parties. LTB 2013 is a similar celebration – marking the creation of new relationships and a new community of like-minded, powerful business leaders.

As an innovative conference, LTB 2013 found a perfect home at the freshly updated Dyker Beach Golf Course. Recently, the resort has undergone a multi-million dollar interior renovation. The Dyker location and the exclusive LTB Summit mirror each other beautifully.

LTB 2013 is characterized as an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. The resort is a venue with the space for educators, leaders, and innovators. The grounds are covered with natural growth, lush grasslands and blossoming trees, hugged by a borough filled with entrepreneurial distinction. The Dyker Beach Golf Course has witnessed historical success, and its newly renovated interior will now witness the future of success at the very first LTB Summit.

Classic and classy, once housing notable golf players, it will now house notable business leaders. LTB 2013 at the Dyker Beach Golf Course is truly the place to be.


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