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Transitioning from Founder to CEO: Adjusting Your Role When You Build Bigger with Eric Adelman

By , January 15, 2024

When you scale your business, becoming a larger organization with multiple employees, you need to stop letting everything run through you – in other words, you need to become a CEO instead of a Founder. Of course, easier said than done – which is why Meny spoke to Business Coach Eric Adelman, who is expert in helping founders transition when their companies grow significantly larger. Together they discuss the basic building blocks needed to make that transition work, and how you can use those building blocks effectively. Learn about delegating, time management, setting goals (and knowing the difference between a goal and a wish), as well as how to create an enjoyable company culture, and why it matters. If you’re ready to make the leap into running a bigger company, this is an episode that you absolutely should not miss.

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Transitioning from Founder to CEO: Adjusting Your Role When You Build Bigger with Eric Adelman

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:35] – The Founder to CEO Shift

  • Understanding the need to evolve from hands-on involvement to strategic leadership
  • The importance of building a self-sustaining team
  • Recognizing the right time for this transition

[07:36 – 16:32] – Mastering the Art of Delegation

  • Learning to delegate tasks effectively and understanding the 80% rule
  • Overcoming the challenge of letting go of control
  • Strategies for effective and responsible delegation

[16:33 – 24:14] – Time Management: A Leader’s Ally

  • Techniques for managing time efficiently as a leader
  • Importance of intentional scheduling and prioritizing
  • Balancing availability with productivity

[24:15 – 32:05] – Goal Setting: Turning Visions into Reality

  • Adopting the SMART goal framework for actionable results
  • Distinguishing between aspirations and achievable goals
  • Aligning personal and business goals for holistic growth

[32:06 – 42:22] – Closing Segment

  • The impact of a fun and engaging work environment on employee retention
  • Tailoring company culture to match team dynamics
  • Integrating personal development into professional growth


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Key Quotes:

“Delegating is not about finding someone who can do it 100% as well as you. It’s about finding someone who can do it 80% as well, but gives you the ability to focus on more important tasks.” – Eric Adelman

“A great leader is not defined by how much they can do but by how much they can empower others to do.” – Eric Adelman


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About Eric Adelman

Eric Adelman is a Business Coach who works primarily with founders and entrepreneurs. He is the rare coach who has personal experience founding, managing, growing and selling a multimillion dollar business, and draws upon that reservoir to help his clients attain their goals.


Meny Hoffman

Meny Hoffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Ptex Group, an Inc. 500/5000-ranked marketing and business services firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

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