What’s the difference between a “Keynote Address” and “Breakaway Session?”

By , June 10, 2013

Guest speakers, keynote addresses, breakaway sessions, an executive roundtable, power breaks, and The Launch Pad™. What an amazingly packed, content-driven day the LTB 2013 Business Summit is proving to be!

But the one key question that keeps getting thrown around among the many attendees is: “What’s the difference between a ‘Keynote Address’ and ‘Breakaway Session?'”

So we’ll tell you.

Although a keynote address and a breakaway session both feature prominent business leaders as the orators and appear to be very similar, each segment of the conference holds individual significance.

Our keynote speakers, Gary Vaynerchuk and Scott Ginsberg, will develop the tone and principle ideas of LTB 2013. They will represent the notion of exclusive tips for businesspeople to grow and succeed. Their keynote speeches will summarize the core message of the event and engage interest in the conference’s program.

The breakaway sessions are also called “focus sessions,” because they are more specified and directed towards individual interests. It will be a chance to hone in on details and bring the participants of the conference concrete information to develop and sustain their businesses.

There are four breakaway sessions at LTB 2013, which are separated into two time slots. Two sessions are held simultaneously. Different from the larger keynote addresses, splitting them up into smaller focus groups creates a more personalized experience with individuals sharing related interests. Here’s what they’ll be about:

Focus Session 1:

  • Do you want to develop your service skills to increase your sales? Then you should attend the breakaway session “How to Sell in the New Economy” with Eric Lofholm.
  • Do you want step-by-step solutions to enhance your sales strategies and improve your business? Then you should attend the breakaway session “Five Proven Ways to get Extraordinary Results” with Bob Prosen.

Focus Session 2:

  • Do you want to learn unconventional marketing tactics to stand out against competitors? Then you should attend the breakaway session “Don’t Be a ‘Me Too’: How to Zig When Your Competition Zags” with Jon Goldman.
  • Do you want tips on how to become a savvy social media marketer to increase your sale results? Then you should attend the breakaway session “How to Talk to Prospects and Customers Online before Someone Else Does” with David Steel.

In all, LTB 2013 is transforming a regular Tuesday into a trailblazing conference for the motivated business owner, employee or entrepreneur. It will be an opportunity to address key business tools and collaborate with notable consultants and entrepreneurs. It will be a time to break away from routine and focus on getting one year’s worth of business knowledge. All in just one day.


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