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Forget About Siri Or Alexa: Try #TheAskCharlieShow Instead

By , June 1, 2015

Got questions? You’ll find that Siri will field your fine dining dilemmas, upcoming weather quandaries, traffic jam plights, and standard assortment of day-to-day lifestyle related queries with aplomb.

But try asking Siri how to differentiate your product from the competition. Or how to deal with conflict in the workplace. Or how to go about delegating vital tasks to employees.

I’m willing to wager that you’ll be left staring at the blank screen of your iPhone with an equally blank look on your face. And don’t fool yourself by thinking that Amazon’s newfangled Alexa will be much of a help. There’s a better solution.

Enter #TheAskCharlieShow.

This inimitable initiative was just launched by the fantastic folks at LTB 2015.  It features the one and only Charlie Harary – a prolific speaker, enthusiastic entrepreneur, peppy professor, awesome author and downright cool chap – who’ll be expertly dissecting an insightful hodgepodge of thorny business questions for your viewing pleasure.

Granted, #TheAskCharlieShow is filmed in the comfort of Charlie’s well-appointed study. But it’ll take you on a magical trip across the business world. Nimbly navigate the corporate landscape. Wander through bustling boardrooms. Venture into cluttered cubicles. Traverse across hectic hallways. All in a quest to tackle real business challenges that stunt growth and minimize profits.

After watching a few of these stimulating episodes, you’ll walk away armed with potent strategies that may quite possibly boost your promising career potential (and burgeoning bank account).

Best of all? Unlike Siri and Alexa… the #TheAskCharlieShow is completely free.


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