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Get To Know Our Focus Session Lecturer: Bob Prosen

By , June 4, 2013

“At the beginning of the day it’s all about possibilities. At the end of the day, it’s all about results.”

This inspiring phrase culminates Bob Prosen’s approach to the business world at large.

Bob is the CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement, which he started after being an executive at several Fortune 500 companies. Bob is out there coaching, teaching, and inspiring business executives, entrepreneurs, employees from various industries.

After coming out of corporate America and after hiring hundreds of people, Bob knows the ropes. He can tell you how to put yourself forward to get the job you want at the company you want. Bob created The Career Accelerator Program that shows you how to differentiate yourself from the crowd and get the job you want – all by zeroing in on your skills and convincing an employer that those skills can turn you into his company’s problem solver.

As a business executive, Bob believes that trust, accountability and clear communication builds a strong business team. As a nationally recognized leader in the field of business execution, Bob can get your business out of its status quo and into an unprecedented and sustainable bottom line.

Bob has taught and inspired thousands at his workshops held at companies, universities, and associations globally. As a speaker on the platform, Bob’s energy captivates and inspires. His approach is compelling and energetic. His style is professional, charismatic, clear, and convincing. And as a highly acclaimed keynote speaker his speeches are high content. Aspiring extraordinary performance consistently has gotten him the highest praises and has his program rated top at events.

Bob has authored a #1 Amazon best seller, Kiss Theory Goodbye, which highlights has proven ways to get extraordinary results in every industry. Kiss Theory Goodbye has received the Independent Publisher’s Silver Award in New York, The USA Book Review’s Best Business Book Award, and the Forward Magazine’s Book of the Year Award.

Let Bob Prosen’s proven tools and tactics help you rapidly increase performance and profit in any organization. Click here to register at LTB 2013 today.



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