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Get To Know Our Focus Session Lecturer: Eric Lofholm

By , June 2, 2013

Eric Lofholm is the president and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., an organization he founded to professionally train people the art and science of selling.

Eric started his first job in sales in his 20s working for a multimillion dollar real estate firm. After failing to meet the minimum quota two months in a row, Eric was told he had one more shot before being fired. Or as his boss put it: “Sales is not for everyone.”

At that point he realized that he had to get a mentor, for his job was at stake. By using the sales methods of Dr. Donald Moine Ph.D., Eric became the top producer at his company in just 60 days. Eric went on to being the top sales producer at two other companies as well.

After mastering the art of sales, Eric started mentoring his fellow producers with the skills he acquired. Before long he realized that he was just popping sales champions free of charge, not based on a consulting relationship, just by helping his co-workers.

That’s when it hit him that his passion is to help make a difference in the lives of others. Powered by a love for teaching and a passion for educating, Eric founded Eric Lofholm International, Inc. His core belief is that selling is a science and to achieve one must work towards mastering the fundamentals of lead generations, appointment settings, and delivering high quality presentations.

In the 14 years since starting Eric Lofholm International, Eric has delivered over 1,500 public and private presentations. Companies like Lexus, Smith Barney, Time Warmer, The U.S. Army , Hilton, and Honda have invited Eric to their events to help their salesman.

Eric is the author of How to Sell in the New Economy, How to Master the Science of Goal Setting, and 21 Ways to Close more Sales.

Eric’s systems are designed to help improve sales influence and persuasion skills, and are proven to help make the sales process more effective.  Salesmen of the world: unite at LTB 2013 to be educated by the sales champion hailing all the way from Rocklin, California. Just click here to register now.


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