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Get To Know Our Keynote Speaker: Scott Ginsberg (a.k.a. The Nametag Guy)

By , June 4, 2013

Scott has been wearing a nametag for 4,598 days and counting, ever since he put one on at a seminar he held as a student at Miami University

While success didn’t come easy to him initially, after two years of not earning any money, his hard work paid off.

Today, he’s earning a six-figure salary just by wearing a nametag. Yes, you read that right. A nametag.

Scott has successfully leveraged his idea of wearing a nametag on his jacket all day into a profitable business. He’s transferred wearing a nametag into a successful company. Wearing a nametag is his profession.

His business is built and driven by the principle of approachability, and his goal is to humanize companies.

Winning companies impart soul and brand humanity. Scott helps companies go off script and become less anonymous – for anonymity is bankruptcy, and uniqueness is a vehicle for success. Scott coaches businesses to get out of their comfort zone and into positions that’ll make them sweat, shake, scared, and ultimately efficacious. Companies have successfully implemented his program on approachability for over ten years.

Scott’s converted his social experienced into 25 books, 600 corporate appearances, and thousands of articles.

With a content rich site that gets as many as 30,000 hits a day from audiences worldwide, Scott’s become an international figure. His has been awarded “Top 100 Business Blogs on the Web”, and his widespread web presence and powerful platform has set standards for entrepreneurs globally.

Dubbed “The Authority on Approachability,” Scott is regularly interview by media outlets on radio, TV, and online. He’s been interviewedat CNN, The Wall St. Journal, The Washington Post, and The Associated Press.

His client list boasts names like State Farm Insurance, T-Mobile, Boeing, Verizon, Staples, Prudential, and Hyatt Regency… and we at LTB 2013 so proud to join the impressive list of Scott’s clients.

Listening to Scott at LTB 2013 will make you think differently, expand your ideas and broaden your horizons. His concise, engaging, and enlightening rhetoric will get you motivated and educated. His unique approach will help you pinpoint your value and meet your quota of usefulness. Join LTB, listen to Scott, and get passionate to an extreme. Click here to register today.

Watch: Why is Scott Ginsberg Speaking at LTB 2013?


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