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Get To Know The LTB 2013 Emcee: Charlie Harary, Esq.

By , May 30, 2013

As the official Emcee of LTB 2013, we’re proud to introduce to you Mr. Charlie Harary, Esq.

Charlie is a prolific speaker who has traveled the globe for speaking engagements, where he covers a variety of topics to an audience of vast affiliations. He is an attorney, professor, business founder and owner, investment adviser, renowned lecturer, and community leader.

After graduating from Columbia Law School, where he was awarded the James Kent Scholar, and the Harlan Friske Stone Scholar, Charlie joined the Paul, Weiss, Rifkin, Wharton, and Garrison firm as an associate. He was then elected vice president of residential operations and legal counsel of R & R Realty, a multi-million dollar company based in New York City.

With years of experience in the legal and financial arena, Charlie founded H3 & Company, where he remains a partner. H3& Co. is an advisory and investment company that delivers growth for emerging businesses. By leveraging their extensive financial expertise, broad industry knowledge and powerful networking abilities, they infuse companies with capital, management strategies and financial knowledge.

In addition, Charlie is a clinical professor of management and entrepreneurship at the Syms School of Business in Yeshiva University. At Yeshiva University, he was the recipient of the Professor Pete Lancis Adjunt Professor of the Year award.

Charlie currently has a radio show with the The Nachum Segal Online Network dubbed “The Book of Life with Charlie Harary.” During the show, he fuses wisdom from his background in business, academics, and spirituality to explain what he believes are the core principles of greatness, success and happiness.

He also has a podcast entitled “The Boardroom with Charlie Harary” that focuses on business strategy. The goal of The Boardroom is to share insights and gain wisdom from the best business minds to help others grow their companies, careers, and financial lives. He currently has a television program in production with The Jewish Channel called “Elements of Success with Charlie Harary.”

To join LTB 2013 and be inspired by Charlie Harary’s amazing breadth of knowledge, simply click here.

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