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In Case You Were Wondering

By , May 23, 2013

The fact is, LTB 2013 is generating serious buzz amongst Jewish businesspeople across the USA. Here’s why.

At LTB 2013, a premier lineup of corporate speakers, skilled business consultants and entrepreneurial success stories will be gathering together with just one goal: to enlighten you with a powerful array of business concepts, ideas, takeaways and strategies that will help you grow in business.

So if you’re a business owner looking to reach the next level, LTB 2013 is for you. If you’re an employee seeking to advance your career, you most definitely belong at LTB 2013. And if you’re a motivated entrepreneur desiring to network with some of the community’s most successful movers and shakers, you’d better join LTB 2013 without delay.

Take a deeper look at the hard-hitting, educationally-enticing, content-driven agenda that LTB 2013 has planned for you… by following us on Facebook and staying in the loop via Twitter. Then register to attend LTB 2013 by clicking here. And remember: be sure to check out this blog daily for access to exclusive content and down-to-the-wire updates.

Nathan Weill

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