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About The Launch Pad Sponsor: Brooklyn Financial Group

By , July 1, 2015

The highlight of LTB’s past, the Launch Pad is an electric event that is the perfect combination of entertainment and education. While the pitches may vary from year to year, there is one constant: the support of Brooklyn Financial Group, or BFG.

Over the last three decades, BFG has evolved into a recognized leader in the financial services and insurance world. BFG’s philosophy is based on the American dream — a dream that thousands have aspired to achieve.

Here’s the kicker: At BFG, attaining the dream is simplified.

BFG’s mission? To help as many families as possible maximize their assets in anticipation of retirement, family security, charitable bequests and legacies for future generations. Their many valuable services include:

  • Business Succession & Estate Planning: Helping first-generation entrepreneurs and their successors structure their affairs for maximum security for the founding generation, and equitable treatment of all family members as the reins are passed down to the next generation.
  • Executive Compensation: Guiding entrepreneurs on how to keep a balanced financial equilibrium by creating executive contracts spelling out compensation, benefits, perquisites, performance bonuses, separation agreements and more.
  • Employee Benefits: Assisting business owners in properly planning and managing employee benefits, so that they benefit the business instead of becoming a burden, all by maximizing the recruiting, retention and performance of quality employees through customized employee benefits programs.
  • Life Insurance: BFG is among the largest and most admired providers of Guardian life insurance products. Yet, at times when the products of different carriers are more applicable, BFG partners with Broker Central to ensure the most favorable offerings of all life insurance companies available to its clients.

With an impressive and knowledgeable staff of professional associates,  BFG has been providing its clients – for well over thirty years – with the expertise necessary to nurture success in order to maximize fiscal security for life.

The dedicated people at BFG are fully committed to providing success and security for our community. Click here to see what they can do for your long-term financial future… right now.

To find out more about this can’t-miss event, click here.

LTB 2015 is only a week away. Hurry and secure your spot to the nation’s premiere Jewish business summit today!


Shlomo Grossman

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