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Let’s Connect: The Value of Networking

By , June 10, 2013

We exist within networks.

Networks of arteries transport our blood, networks of sewers keep our water flowing, networks of power lines light up our streets, and networks of people maintain the motion of our businesses.

LTB 2013’s Power Break is an exciting opportunity to enhance the powerful network of leaders in the Jewish business world. The Power Break presents a time to reach out and create connections within this growing network. The relationships made during the Power Break can become the foundations for new business alliances. This segment of the conference is a pause from the breakaway sessions and event speakers, and is a time for the participants to make lasting impressions on potential future business associates.

Over the past few years, social networking has been clouded by technology, such as social media networks (Facebook and Twitter) and email; because of this face-to-face interaction has become even more effective. LTB 2013 is an incredible occasion to take advantage of the influential tool of interactive networking.

The Power Break enables the production of an interwoven business network. The Dyker Beach Golf Course will be filled with an exclusive sea of business leaders, executives, investors, and entrepreneurs. The more links that are created, the larger the grid of business leaders will be.

Sometimes, all it takes is one connection to make all the difference in a developing business. A room full of similar minded business individuals is an ideal set up to reinforce professional networks. Learning top marketing techniques while webbing together a community of powerful business resources through interactive sessions make LTB 2013 not only informative, but also innovative.

The power of networking keeps blood pumping, water flowing, and light spreading. Productive and resourceful, the Power Break is the link to a network that will allow businesspeople at LTB 2013 to thrive.


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