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Live Blog of the LTB 2017 Summit

By , September 5, 2017

A live blog of the highly anticipated Let's Talk Business 2017 Summit

After months of planning, the stage is finally set for the highly anticipated Let’s Talk Business 2017! #LTB2017

It’s bright and early here at the luxious and supremely elegant Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, New Jersey. The guests are arriving, checking in, and fueling up with what is most likely their first cup of coffee of the morning.

I’ll be blogging about the conference LIVE throughout the day. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram @ltbsummit and Twitter @LTBsummit for more live coverage and updates throughout the day.

I’ll be your guide at #LTB2017. Don’t worry about heading off to an exclusive breakaway session or stepping out for a badly needed caffeine boost. Just hit “refresh” on the blog feed and I’ll bring you up to speed on what you’ve missed and where you should go next.

Festivities will begin with Charlie Harary at 9:45 a.m., but guests are here early to squeeze in some casual networking over coffee and freshly baked nosh.

The best and the brightest Jewish business owners, marketing executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and salespeople are taking a break from business as usual to invest in professional development, growth, and networking. Today’s schedule is packed with opportunities.

Today’s schedule is packed with opportunities.

If you’re here early, go ahead and register, grab a hot drink, and browse our sponsors’ exhibition booths. None of us would be here today without our sponsors, and we’d like to thank them all for celebrating business growth. And while you’re browsing, make sure to stop by the ptexbooth and say hi!

Kicking off what is sure to be a powerful day of inspiration and motivation, Charlie Harary takes the stage at 9:45 am.

Columbia law grad, founder of H3 & Company, professor at YU’s Syms School of Business, and world renowned speaker, Charlie Harary clearly has no concept of “spare time.”

Something to ponder:

“Who can you become this year?” – Charlie Harary

Keynote address delivered by Chris Hogan:

Grow yourself, grow your team, grow your profits

Everyone wants to win in business. But unfortunately, a company can fail even if it offers an amazing product or service. As a business leader, so much of your success depends on the decisions you make and the values you live by. Want your business to thrive? Join Chris Hogan for a deep dive into the successful entrepreneur’s playbook. You’ll walk away with invaluable tools and methods for growing yourself, your team, and your profits.

Nuggets of wisdom:

“Something happens when you decide to take ownership.” – Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan taught us that if we want more out of our team, then we need to give them more value. To better engage your team, Chris recommends asking your team members the following three questions:

  1. How are you?
  2. What are you working on?
  3. How can I help?

“Don’t offer products and services. Offer solutions.” – Chris Hogan

Next up:

Invited to choose between the following two options


Join Daniel Gefen as he picks the brains of four successful executives to learn how they became successful. From hands-on leadership skills to hi-tech strategies to bold management solutions, hear how these executives battled the odds, attracted new clients, spiked sales, and reached the pinnacle of corporate success. They’ve made it big in business—and you owe it to yourself to find out why.

How Ordinary People Lead Extraordinary Companies // Grand Pavilion



If you’re in the e-commerce or Amazon space, then you don’t want to miss this Amazon Power Panel, where you’ll hear top Amazon sellers share the techniques they use to increase sales and maximize their profits; the hurdles sellers should avoid, and how to be successful in the ever-booming, ever-changing e-commerce space—even in the face of changing buyer habits and increased competition.

Learn from Top Sellers How to Maximize Your Amazon Business // Breakout Room #1

Wow, those were some interesting panel discussions! Our panelists fielded tough questions about everything from the mundane ins and outs of ecommerce to business partnerships to managing family life and business when you’re an entrepreneur.

Nuggets of wisdom:

“A business partnership is a close relationship. Almost like a spouse. Establish trust, sign a contract, set boundaries.” – Barry Lampert, Managing Partner of a Top 250 Amazon Health & Beauty Store

Many of the mistakes people make in ecommerce come from not tracking inventory properly. Pay close attention to those books!

“I’ve got a big to-do list for life that includes a lot more than just business.” – Chesky Kaufthiel

Do you still hand-write your to-do lists? If so, you’re in good company. Yanky Leonorovitz, COO of Horsepower Electric, keeps a hand-written list of tasks he tries to accomplish every day.

Speaking now:


The old formula for profitability that entrepreneurs and business owners have used for ages is actually blind to human behavior, and hurting profitability as a result. With his simple “Profit-First” formula, Mike Michalowicz will change your perspective on cash management forever—and help you transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a mean, green, money-making machine.

Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine // Grand Pavilion

Nuggets of wisdom:

Mike Michalowicz’s philosophy is that scarcity breeds innovation. When businesses commit to being as lean as possible and putting profit first, there business will grow much faster.

“It took NASA thousand sof tax payer dollars to create air filtration systems for Apollo 13. But, when the rocketship was in trouble and the astronauts were dangerously close to running out of oxygen, all it took was some duct tape, toothpaste, and a wire.”

“Parkinson’s law states the scarcer the resources, the greater likelihood of innovation. Lean budgets force us to innovate.”

Gave away free copies of his book, Profit First. Shortly following his talk, our crowd of inspired and ambitious entrepreneurs rushed the book stand to get themselves a copy.

Now, a short break for lunch! While the food may be filling, something tells me everyone will still be plenty hungry for more business strategy, tips, and approaches for achieving personal and financial success.

OK, lunch break is over. Time to get back to work!

Happening now: Conversation between Michael Gerber and Charlie Harary


What does it take to grow a small idea into a huge company worth billions? Listen to this eye-opening Q&A session with business giant Michael Gerber, author of the mega-bestselling “E-Myth” books, as he takes your questions, speaks candidly about his own entrepreneurial journey, and reveals his ideas that have transformed thousands of companies worldwide and impacted the lives of millions throughout his career.

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within: How to Turn a Small Idea into A Thriving Business // Grand Pavilion

Nuggets of wisdom:

An entrepreneur is a creator. We are born to create. I have always seen myself and my business as in the image of G-d.

You are not in business simply to make a living. You are in business to serve a higher purpose.

You need to live inspired. Until you’re inspired to the point where you feel as if you cannot help yourself but create a better world — for small business, for Yiddishkeit, for others — you cannot get beyond the daily grind of making a living. And if you’re not inspired or able to see beyond the daily grind, you won’t be able to grow.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be a little out of your mind. What a blessing it is to be out of your mind!

Speaking now:


What began as an ambitious dream has since flourished into a must-attend business event for industry visionaries and motivated achievers looking to learn, grow and lead. Hear LTB founder Meny Hoffman outline how this unique platform impacted so many lives in our community, and discover what new initiatives LTB is launching to promote continued growth and success across the Jewish marketplace.

State Of LTB: A Community of Doers // Grand Pavillion

Nuggets of wisdom:

Don’t think in terms of one-time transactions. Always consider the customer journey & the lifetime value.

Next up: N. Mark Horowitz and Jeff Cohen

Speaking now:


Some are born with a natural self-motivating drive. Others go through life wishing they had more of it—or any at all. Self-motivation is the fuel that propels us forward and drives our achievements. But is it just one of those things you either have or you don’t? Mark Horowitz says no: the ability to motivate yourself is a skill that can be honed and developed, and Mark will be teaching how to do just that.

Motivation Drives Success, but What Drives Motivation? // Grand Pavilion


What is the future of Amazon, and how can you make sure your business capitalizes on its growth? In this session, Jeff Cohen will tell us where Amazon is going, what’s most important to the company as it grows, and actionable steps for aligning your business goals with those of Amazon, so that you can withstand changes and maximize profits. (Bonus: optimization tips for preparing for the Q4 holiday season.)

The Future of Amazon: How to Win in an Ever-Changing World // Breakout Room #1

Time for a brief ice cream break! 🙂

We are back after satisfying our sugar fix.

Congrats to our raffle winner! She will be getting a free promotional video from OnTime Studios.

Stay tuned. Soon to announce the winners at the #LTB2017 Award Show!


The LTB Awards recognize businesses and their leaders who have been catalysts of growth and success by showing outstanding achievement in growth, innovation, and leadership. It’s a perfect opportunity for a diverse set of companies and their people to be recognized by their peers—and to showcase that recognition in front of prospective clients and employees and other industry leaders.

Watch Live as We Recognize Leaders Making an Impact // Grand Pavilion

Mazel tov to our award winners! Hope you caught it on the live stream.

Now, time to network and schmooze with fellow LTB-ers in the gorgeous Bristol room!


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