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The Guru Speaks: Meet LTB 2015 Keynote Speaker- Michael Port

By , June 23, 2015

Fill out this brief questionnaire, and check all that apply:


¤ Do your clients include global giants such as Microsoft and Reebok?

¤ Have you been a regular guest on MSNBC and PBS?

¤ Have you acted in dozens of TV and film projects?

¤ Have you written 5 best-selling books?

¤ Has the Wall Street Journal dubbed you, “a marketing guru”?

¤ Will you be at LTB 2015?

Chances are, you didn’t answer in the affirmative to some of those questions. However, if you answered yes to the last one, you already have something in common with keynote speaker, Michael Port.

Michael’s path to literary, oratorical, and entrepreneurial superstardom is not exactly what you’d consider conventional.

A self-admittedly average student in high school, Michael started out as an actor in several notable projects, including All My Children, The Pelican Brief, Last Call, and many others. While not currently appearing on the silver screen anymore, Michael still channels his acting chops during his riveting, engaging presentations.

Though not mentioned in his IMDB profile, Michael has made hundreds of business-related TV and radio appearances, including spots on MSNBC, PBS, and CNBC.

As a writer and “uncommonly honest” author, Michael has written 5 best-selling books about marketing, sales, and overall business growth, blogged for Huffington Post, and penned monthly columns for Entrepreneur Magazine and American Express Open Forum.

During any speaking engagement, workshop, or event, Michael will never be confused for your typical, run-of-the-mill presenter (or a “vanilla sugar cookie,” as he puts it). A slightly irreverent, often funny, and passionate speaker, he always leaves his audience smarter and more confident about their ability to contribute.

At LTB 2015, Michael will be delivering the keynote address, “Book Yourself Solid: How to Get More Clients than You Can Handle,” in which he will outline a proven, powerful system that will create relentless demand for your services and increase profits.

So, if growing your business sounds like an appropriate goal, you owe it to yourself and your business to meet and hear Michael in person.

Get hooked and leave booked by registering for LTB 2015 today!

Shlomo Grossman

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