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One Giant Leap For Business: Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington Joins Us At The Launch Pad™

By , June 10, 2013

The Launch Pad™ at LTB 2013 just got a significant boost with the addition of the celebrity “Shark” from Shark Tank, the legendary Kevin Harrington.

Reality bites at next week’s LTB 2013 segment, The Launch Pad, which is modeled after the Shark Tank reality series.  Shark Tank, a show with an average of 7 million viewers, features hopeful entrepreneurs who propose business ideas to potential investors, also known as “Sharks,” and are awarded a financial backing.

The Launch Pad, like Shark Tank, opens the opportunity for chosen participants at LBT 2013 to pitch their idea and leave with $100,000+ in financial backing to propel their idea into a reality. The Launch Pad takes the extra leap in modeling its platform after the original show by featuring Kevin Harrington – one of the renowned entrepreneurs who’s appeared on Shark Tank.

The presence of both Harrington and real “Sharks,”(being dubbed as “Rocketeers”) reinforces the credibility of The Launch Pad. These wealthy Rocketeers will determine the future success of one of the many hopeful investors pitching their ideas live at LTB 2013.

In just a few days, LTB 2013 will be propelled in a sky-high atmosphere of business executives, with stars of opportunities abound. At that time, the “Rocketeers” will determine which ones will shine brightly… and light up the Jewish business galaxy.

Does it get more real than that?


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