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By , June 3, 2014

At last year’s first-ever LTB summit, after a buzzing day of motivational keynote speakers, networking opportunities and captivating breakaway sessions, the evening came to a climax. The crowd grew silent. The lights were dimmed. The stage was set for the most highly anticipated event of the day – The Launch Pad – modeled after the ever popular Shark Tank.

Five successful “Rocketeer” investors, who has raised over $3 billion for over 400 companies –  came to the Launch Pad ready to dish out upwards of $100,000 for each worthy pitch.

All the investors were eager to empower Jewish businesses by giving them the capital necessary to propel their businesses to the next level. The “star” of the panel was none other than Kevin Harrington, a celebrity “shark” on Shark Tank as well as a successful entrepreneur known for his work in the infomercial industry and founding of “As Seen On TV!”

Hosted by Shea Rubenstein, the competition was tough. Last year, the top 5 business owners were selected out of 75 applicants! Several entrepreneurs walked away with deals, so stay tuned to hear more about their success stories.

At The Launch Pad taking place during the upcoming LTB 2014,  the proverbial bar has been drastically raised: it’s now featuring a jaw-dropping $1 million investment threshold.

Could you be a contender to pitch your dreams and catapult your business to a whole new level? Shea gave us the inside scoop about what we look for in the screening process.

“The Launch Pad is the perfect platform for companies that have sales track records but are looking to exponentially drive up sales, or entrepreneurs with great proprietary products who need help bringing them to market,” he explains. “If you’re at the ‘brilliant idea’ stage, you’re not quite ripe for the picking yet.”

Why would somebody agree to give way a stake of his or her company to an outside investor? Shea makes a very powerful case.

“If you’re reluctant to give away equity in your company, consider this food for thought: it’s better to have 70% of a $5 million company, than 100% of a $50k company,” he states. “Providing more than just capital, The Launch Pad also connects business owners with a value added partner whose experience and connections can help open doors and take your company to incredible new heights.”

But what if after all that exertion, the investors don’t agree to invest? Should you consider it a wasted effort? Not according to Shea.

“Even if you walk away without a deal, you’ll get a tremendous level of brand exposure to an audience of entrepreneurs who may become partners or customers down the road. You can’t get that kind of buzz and brand anywhere else.”

If the idea of walking away with a big fat check and a partnership with an influential investor makes your pulse race, then act fast – only three lucky applicants will make in onto The Launch Pad. Click here to submit your application today for your once-in-a-lifetime chance to land on The Launch Pad. Who knows… we may just be writing about your wild success next year.

Oh, one last thing.

If you’d like us to keep you up to date about the latest LTB news (and get the inside scoop about which prominent investors will be sitting on The Launch Pad) or if you simply want to get notified when registration opens, just click here.

Are you ready to soar?

Rachel Segal

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