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The LTB 2013 Title Sponsor: Fidelity Payment Services

By , May 30, 2013

We at LTB 2013 are honored that the legendary Fidelity Payment Services has partnered as our leading Title Sponsor.

As one of the largest electronic payment providers in North America, Fidelity Payment Services has garnered a sterling reputation for providing an array of many different services that go beyond typical credit card processing.

The motto at Fidelity is: We’ve got your back. And here’s what means.

Fidelity is about so much more than just conventional “credit card processing.” When a client joins Fidelity, he’s got a team of professionals standing behind him. They’re armed with powerful resources and services – some of which the client may not currently need. But when he eventually will need those services as the business grows, Fidelity will be ready to back him up and provide them immediately.

“We’ve Got Your Back” is not merely a saying; it’s a real-world definition that conveys how Fidelity is truly the only payment services company boasting such as wide array of options.

As such, Fidelity will service your business – large or small, nonprofit or Fortune 500, online or any line, with payment solutions customized for your business needs. More importantly, Fidelity looks out for the client’s best interest to ensure they always pay the lowest rates and receive the highest standards of customer service.

General retailers servicing the community rely on a face to face shopper’s experience. They need to give their customers a shopping experience – that includes Fidelity’s user-friendly payment technology – to make them come back.

Groceries and supermarkets need to keep their prices down and at Fidelity they make that a priority. Groceries qualifying for interest interchange rates can be secure that Fidelity will ensure that they get it.

E-commerce websites need to weather challenges that come with doing business online. Fidelity is there combining gateway solutions at the lowest cost guaranteed, and reliable credit card payment options, so that they can accept credit cards online without headaches and financial frustrations.

Non-profits, such as educational institutions and charities, relying on the parents for tuition payments and donors for contributions, need to make digital currency available and convenient. Therefore, many rely on Fidelity for the latest in automated credit card payment. Not to mention the software integration being offered to bring their accounting to the next level.

Real Estate Management offices are recognizing credit cards as the as the ideal medium in which to accept payments. Fidelity offers multiple electronic payment options, such as credit cards and ACH, to make it easier for tenants to pay their rent on time and eliminate hassles for the management company.

In the evolving world of the 21st century, there isn’t an industry that doesn’t rely on credit cards as the way to go. Which is why you need Fidelity. And why they’ve got your back covered at all times.

Boasting a knowledgeable management team with over 100 years of combined experience in the payment service industry, our seasoned professionals are ready to help you navigate all your payment service needs. Fidelity is proud to state that they have never lost an agent to a competitor – that’s right. Never.

What will you find in a Fidelity agent?

Agents that ride on a legacy of honesty, transparency and a “no code talk” environment. Particularly in the payment processing arena, where so many processors use the complexity of merchant statements to pull the wool over the eyes of potential merchants, Fidelity stands out with its distinctive open approach. Instead of mystifying the process further, Fidelity agents educate their prospects, which in turn translates into happy clients for years to come.

So what is your business waiting for? Contact Fidelity today by clicking here and let them put their expertise to work for your business. And remember: They’ve got your back.

Nathan Weill

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