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The LTB Domino Effect

By , August 30, 2013

We know fall is just around the corner, but for so many the LTB 2013 business summit was a summer hit that hasn’t faded.

The innovative June 11th business conference was the first of its kind in our community, and has made a lasting impact both on entrepreneurs with budding start-ups and CEOs with established companies at the height of their careers.

One of the event highlights still on people’s lips is the Launch Pad. Six entrepreneur hopefuls delivered the pitches of their lives in an attempt to persuade 6 deep-pocketed investors to give them a cash-boost that could bring their visions to life.

It wasn’t just the entrepreneurs that walked away on a high. Two of the investors – Seth Firestone and Neil Rock, founders of Firerock Capital Partners – were so impressed by the talent that they’re developing an “incubator fund.” The fund’s purpose To continue injecting capital into promising businesses in the Jewish community. Though the details are on the down low for now, the Launch Pad-style diving board for budding businesses is just getting started. More news on this to come!

With speakers at the event covering marketing and “pre-marketing” fundamentals, we’re still getting fan feedback about the event and how it motivated businesses to take action. One attendee was so inspired thameny 3t he’s already sent in his check for next year’s LTB event – which hasn’t been planned yet!

What’s more, One of our sponsors, Prime Packaging found the event so impactful that they’ve hosted two guest-speaker studded mini-LTB events internally at their office. Meny had the honor of speaking at both the “Customer Service LTB” and the “Sales Team LTB” events. Employees walked away better trained and – more importantly – motivated to achieve.

Benzion Wachsman of Parc Avenue Shoes who journeyed from Montreal to attend the event sent us a top-notch brochure last week. He produced it after being inspired by several LTB guest speakers. Wachsman came to the event with a specific goal: to sharpen his marketing strategies. He reached out to tell us that, “Attending the event was money well spent!” He learned the value of presenting a problem to the customer and offering a solution.

The LTB Facebook fan page has over 6000 “likes” and counting, so go on and “like” us if you haven’t already. We’ll keep you posted on the other inspiring educational and networking events that we have in the works for the new year. You’ll be happy to hear that plans for LTB 2014 are well under way, and we’ve got a few new tricks up our sleeves. Details to follow, so stay tuned.

If you just can’t wait until next year for a motivational boost (hey, we don’t blame you), LTB 2013 sessions will be available for replay in the coming weeks. You’ll have the chance to relive the event and learn lessons from the keynote speakers from the comfort of your own – hopefully air conditioned – office.

Oh, and if you’ve taken action on something you learned from our guest speakers or are doing business with someone you networked with at the event, we’d love to hear from you by emailing or by commenting below.

Nathan Weill

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